The department of business administration, Faculty of Arts and Science of the Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research commenced its service to the student’s community at 2015 to cater the need administrative course which leads towards growth and stability. The academic years 2015- 2018 department of business administration and Department of commerce were together to produce the first batch (2015-2018) of students. By 2018, the departments got separated to showcase the uniqueness, skills of the departments individually. The students are provided with good learning environment through well ventilate and spacious classrooms and the campus is equipped with the library stocked with the latest books on business administration. The department takes all steps to provide the students a fusion of both theoretical and practical knowledge by the experience shared by the eminent people from industries. We are proud to have well experienced Faculty and Infrastructure. The department of business administration is proud of its proactive activities in all academic endeavours.

HOD's Desk

The department of Business Administration has recorded consistent improvement in various activities like research, Academic, Placements, Funded Projects, Events, Performance and so on. We offer well designed programs and curriculum which continuously updated to the competitive environment of the industry to meet the corporate world. In our curriculum, students have to do projects in their functional areas of HR, Marketing and Finance. We organizing workshops seminar, symposium, Industrial visit, National and International Conferences, Sports and Cultural events. So Students acquire knowledge in the field of management effectively in practical manner. The department equips students with high quality of multifaceted skills. Each class mentor will assist the students to identify their own talents and solve their academic and personal problems through counseling. We encourage them to participate Extra Curricular activities to support their carrier development and guide them to participate other college events and so on. The Alumni of the department are well placed in various companies, number of students started own business Venture and others are joined higher studies in abroad.

With this brief message, I welcome you for the wonderful world class learning environment.


Prof & Head

Department of Business Administration


Achievements of Faculty Members
Staff Name Achievements
Dr. A.Geetha Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam Achievers award from Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust for Education and Greenery –Jan 2020
Best service award from Eva Stalin Business School
Best Research Advisor Award from PARA- A unit of Benevolent Trust, Pondicherry
Dr. D. ARUNKUMAR Achiever’s Award Dr.AbdulKalam Award Education and Greenery Trust
Best Faculty – 2018 (Navraj Educational and Charitable Trust)
Best Faculty 2017 (Navraj Educational and Charitable Trust)
Best Young Faculty 2015 (Navraj Educational and Charitable Trust)
Ms. A. JHONCY A. P. J. Abdul Kalam award from abdul kalam trust 2020 January
Mr. MANJINI.T Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam Achievers Award -2020
Ms.D.K. SOWMIYALAKSHMI Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam Achievers Award -2020
Ms. R. LAKSHMI DEVI Best Researcher Award from PARA- A unit of Benevolent Trust, Pondicherry
Students Achievements
S.No. Name Achieved in Name of the college or institution Year
1 Surendar.A National Level Karate Championship Ka-shito Ryu Karate Association 2017
2 Surendar.A South India Intra Dojo Karate Championship Japan-shito Ryu Karate Association 2017
3 Surendar.A Karate Championship Yodha Martial Arts Academy 2017
Surendar.A Karate Championship International Shotokai Karate_Do Federation 2017
4 Thiraj.M Cricket Championship Tamilnadu Rural Sports Association 2018
5 Thiraj.M International Leather ball cricket Match Series Leather ball cricket Federation 2018
6 Thiraj.M Cricket Championship Rural sports Federation of India 2018
7 Thiraj.M Red ball Cricket Championship Tonca Sportsb & Art Academy 2018
8 Thiraj.M Cricket Championship Challengers League Association of India 2018
9 Mahender sureshkhonde Army attachment camp 54 infantry signal regiment 2018
10 Mahender sureshkhonde Combined Annual Training Camp Jain Vidhyashram 2018
11 Surrender.A Paper presentation in the title of Recruitment and Selection Process with reference to madras cements BIHER & TECHOWN 2018
12 Ruban bose.B Paper presentation in the title of job satisfaction and its impact on their performance BIHER & TECHOWN 2018
13 Lokesh kumar.c.s Litenesh Istorya BIHER 2018
14 Subash.s Litenesh Istorya BIHER 2018
15 Prithiv raj.v Litenesh Istorya BIHER 2018
16 Sarath Football Competiton Reliance Foundation Youth Sports 2018

Faculty Details

Faculty Details
S.No Name of the Staff Qualification Designation
1Dr.A.GEETHAMBA, MPhil, Ph.D Prof & HOD
2Dr.D.ARUNKUMAR MBA,Phd. SETAssociate Professor
3Mrs.A.JHONCY M.B.A., M.Phil. Assistant professor
4Mr.T.MANJINI M.B.A., M.Com.Assistant professor
5Mr.P.SRINIVASAN M.B.A.,M.Phil.Assistant Professor
6Ms.D.K.SOWMIYALAKSHMI M.B.A.Assistant professor
7R.LAKSHMIDEVI M.B.A., M.Phil.Assistant professor
8Mr.K.VIGNESH M.B.AAssistant professor

Board of Studies

1 Dr. D. Venkataramaraju Prof & Head of the Department of Commerce and Economics,Faculty of Arts and Science, BIHER. Chairman
2 Dr. A.Geetha Associate Professor, Department of Commerce and Business Administration,Faculty of Arts and Science, BIHER. Internal Member
3 Dr.S.Kamaraj Associate Professor, Department of Commerce and Business Administration,Faculty of Arts and Science, BIHER. Internal Member
4 Mr.T.Manjini Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce and Business Administration,Faculty of Arts and Science, BIHER. Internal Member
5 Mr.P.Srinivasan Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce and Business Administration,Faculty of Arts and Science, BIHER Internal Member
6 Dr. R.Devi Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration KCS Naadar College (Affiliated to University of Madras) Chennai -600002 Internal Member
7 Dr.Venith Vijay Associate Professor, Department of Management Studies Jaya College, Thirunindravur, Chennai Internal Member
Programm Offered

Students Strength

Students Strength
Batch Number Of Students Enrolled
1st Year 130
22nd Year 75
3rd Year 97