The Department of English was started in 2015 offering students the under graduate and post graduate and doctoral programmes in English. The Department focuses on English literature and ELT. It imparts a multicultural and multilingual dimension to the study of the global language - English and its literature and promotes the study of worldwide literature written in English and extends the understanding of how the English language is inextricably intertwined with our culture. Our department has 12 professors, teaching General English to 13 departments of this college with the introduction of the credit based system.


We seek to foster knowledge and a love of literature and of English language in our students, by providing coherent curricular framework and relevant, well-structured course choices, in order to make them proficient in using the language efficiently in the society and career.


M1. Establish a unique learning environment through structured teaching- learning process and enable the students to face the challenges in life and career through effective Communication and the knowledge of English literature.

M2. Strengthen the liberal education of students by developing a deepened understanding of language and literacy, the value of critical reading and effective writing, and the richness of literature, past and present.

M3. Provide ethical and value based education through literary criticism and analyses in order to make them efficient in facing social challenges.

M4. Equip the students with expertise in the basic communication and creative skills with regard to its application for employability and entrepreneurship.

HOD's Desk

Our department has a very good and dedicated team of qualified, experienced, and efficient staff who are very committed to our mission of developing the English language skills to the students. The faculty members closely monitor the overall progress in the studies of the students. The department holds meetings to review the strengths and weaknesses of the students/wards and suggest corrective measures to be taken for desired results.

We are constantly striving hard to hone the communication talent of the students and help them in self-expression. We believe that English literature brings out their hidden potential and sets them on smoothly in their quest for job. We impart not only English literature to students but also moral, ethical and professional values and help them build their overall personality.


Head of the Department

Department of English

Mail ID: chellaiah.jain@gmail.com

Faculty Details

Faculty Details
S.No Name of the Staff Qualification Designation
1 Mr.V.C.Jain M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., (Ph.D.) HOD
2 Dr.P.Arockia Nathan M.A., Ph.D. Asso. Prof.
3 Mrs.S.Subathra M.A., M.Phil. Asst. Prof.
4 Mrs.D.Thilagam M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil. Asst. Prof.
5 Ms.A.Annie Christy M.A., M.Phil. Asst. Prof.
6 Mrs.M.Sheeba M.A., M.Phil. Asst. Prof.
7 Mrs. B.Janua Sherly M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Prof.
8 Mr.S.Kumaresan M.A., M.Phil. Asst. Prof.